Bail Bonds in Alabama

People concerned

The criminal justice system can be confusing to people that don’t have inside knowledge. From the time a person is arrested to the conclusion of a criminal case there are many moving pieces that can feel overwhelming. 

We have created the Alabama Bail Directory to offer some assistance with the first step of being arrested, posting a bail bond. When a person is arrested they will be brought to a municipal or county jail to be processed. The booking process includes being photographed, fingerprinted, charges given to the defendant, and what the bail amount is in order to be released. Here you will find a list of active bail bondsmen that can help you in the county you need assistance. 

Alabama has hundreds of bail bondsman throughout the state and this can cause a lot of difficulties in locating the one you need in the specific area you are looking. The Alabama Bail Directory is a one stop location to locate a bondsman that can help you quickly. We provide you, the customer, the ability to look up the name and contact information for the approved bondsman in your area.